Lord, Stop the Pain!

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I was born in a very cold place, and my body is not used to being in the sun for a long time without having a headache or burns. One recent Friday morning, I was in the heat of the sun until noon, and because of the activity I was doing, I didn’t wear a T-shirt or hat. Serious mistake!

By the time I realized my skin was starting to get redder and redder, it was too late. I was burned. Ugh! I took cold showers, but my skin didn’t drop in temperature, and the pain was starting to get more and more acute.

Because Sabbath is when we have the most activities with the Pnong — training, worship and fellowship — I didn’t want to think that I wouldn’t be able to visit our groups the next day because of my carelessness.

I tried to go to bed early, but it felt like my skin was sticking to the sheets. At midnight, unable to sleep, I sat in a chair. My back couldn’t take lying down.

I talked to God and thought, How could I be so foolish as to burn like that, knowing that I’m not used to so much sun? I wondered if I should call the Pnong brothers and tell them I would not attend that Sabbath. That wasn’t so bad since they could have their worship without me. But something told me I needed to go; I just did not know how with that pain.

I said to God, “Lord, do you really want me to go this Sabbath? If so, please stop the pain.”

Maybe five minutes later, the pain was completely gone.

I was able to go back to sleep and, the next morning, put on a shirt. When I got to the groups, I understood why I should go.

In one group, we talked about a baptism we would soon conduct. While we were talking, one of them said to me, “Can I be baptized, too?”

Another person said, “Teacher, can I be baptized in a few months?”


I then went to the other group. We talked about the same program. “Professor, do you think I am ready to be baptized along with my husband?” one woman said.
“Me and my husband want to be baptized, too!” said another woman.

The program that would have been for two people was transformed into a baptism for four. And in a few months, we will have another program where five will be baptized. Glory to God!

As I drove home, my heart was filled with joy. But the closer I got to home, the more my tiredness and pain increased.

I got home and took off my shirt. I didn’t use one again for three days. I couldn’t sleep because of my sunburn. I took some medicines for pain and fever. Honestly, I deserved it for my recklessness, but that didn’t bother me at all.

God had taken my pain for a few hours and allowed me to visit the groups and hear this wonderful news.

Thank you, God, for stopping the pain and giving me joy in return.