Image for Longsuffering

The woman with the issue of blood suffered for twelve years. She tried everything she could think of to receive healing, but healing never came until she met Jesus.

For six years, we have lived in Mali, working with the Dembele family. The first day I set my eyes on Aminata Dembele, a former idol worshipper who became a Christian when she married her husband Dembele, I felt bad because she was limping. Mrs. Dembele has suffered from leg and foot pain for 21 years. Sometimes, her foot pain would become so excruciating while attending church that her reactions distracted the entire congregation. Everyone felt sorry for her. If even a baby touched that part of her leg, she would shout and cry bitterly.

Aminata had tried all types of conventional medical treatment but never found a solution. She tried the traditional herbalist without success and was discouraged. In June 2023, she was desperate.

“Theresa, I want to go to my home village for treatment, but my husband is against the idea.”

“How often have you been to the traditional doctors?”

“I have been to many doctors but have found no answers.”

“Do you believe in Jesus?”

“Yes, of course. I do believe in God. Theresa, the pain is too much. I would do anything or go anywhere to find healing and be free from this leg pain.”
As everyone continued to pray for Aminata to be free from her pain, God was working behind the scenes.

Aminata had been planning to go on a Sunday to see the traditional doctor. However, on that Sabbath, Brother Seth called my husband, along with Aminata and her husband, Brother Dembele. Seth asked if he could take Aminata to the hospital to find out what was wrong with her leg. Brother Dembele was reluctant due to their many fruitless efforts. But on Monday, all agreed, and they went to the hospital, where the doctors conducted a series of tests.

Finally, an answer! Aminata had been suffering from sub-acute osteomyelitis, a chronic low-grade infection of the bone characterized by pain, swelling, and tenderness over the area.

The doctors operated on Aminata, freeing her from her leg pain.

God used Brother Seth in answer to everyone’s persevering prayers. Praise God! Please pray for sister Aminata to continue in her spiritual growth.