Bar None

But what are we doing right now? As I write this, Texas is going through a major power outage and many people across the nation are suffering. People in all parts of the world are suffering, too, and it seems, to me, that Jesus is coming very, very soon. And so we pray. Daily, we break away from the rest of the family and go into our room and pray. We pray for the donors that have already committed. We pray that they will be blessed and that God will lead and guide in their lives. We pray for them by name. We also pray for the people with whom we have appointments, that God will lead them in how they should be involved in this ministry. We pray that God will create a miracle and make it possible for us to go minister in Africa in 2021, before it’s too late for so many people. And we work. We make contacts and get in touch with people and plan presentations and mail cards and letters to people. And we are so very happy. We are thrilled that God has allowed us to be used by Him in this way. We’re excited. Our children talk about some aspect of Africa nearly everyday. And we are honored that God would choose people like us to do the most important work in the world. And you are a part of that too. By praying or donating or ministering to those around you, you are working. And it’s THE most important work you can possibly do. Bar none.