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God has a way of providentially putting people into our path and guiding us in the best direction. We have recently been reflecting on some of these blessings and praising His wisdom and goodness.

Caitlin was seeking a way to serve God by serving those in need. She has many valuable gifts and skills, and teaching children happens to be one of her favorites. She has discovered that teaching foreign children English is a special joy for her. Although she lives in another country at the moment, she has found a way to bless Albanians from afar.

After a few online brainstorming sessions, Caitlin has volunteered to create an interactive English curriculum for children to be used in community outreach. It is an answer to our church’s prayers as well as her own. This program can also be used to bring much-needed economic opportunity to some Sabbath keepers who can use the lesson plans in their English courses. This will be a terrific way to bless the church members and the community at the same time. Sabbath-free employment is one of the major challenges for our members and potential members. Of course, not many of our church members know English, but God is connecting us with people who are willing to share other gifts from their hearts. Our upcoming center of influence will enhance and bless the community in so many ways. We are surveying the community now to pinpoint the felt needs that our center could meet and collecting contact information for those who are interested.

This magazine is in front of you for God’s purposes. We hope you are blessed each month as you read about how He is at work in some of the most resistant places on earth. These articles have led many people to make financial gifts to help this dream of a community center become a reality. The Albanian church members and we are extremely grateful to have brothers and sisters in the faith who care enough to generously share God’s blessings for His glory. Thank you! We invite you to join us in praying for a few more monthly supporters to help our project’s financial health get back where it needs to be in order to move forward. We invite you to pray for all of the projects you read about on these pages, that their needs will be provided for and that wisdom, courage and love will abound. Let’s make movements together by God’s grace!

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