Why Do I Believe?

“I don’t believe in God. I only believe in my own two hands. People believe in God are just hoping to get things.” My ears tingled as I overheard two co-workers talking, and I began to reflect on my own faith. Why do I believe in God?

I believe in God because He is! I love Him because He first loved me. Before I knew God, I was like the lost sheep in the parable. But since the Good Shepherd found me, I want to follow Him always and unconditionally.

I don’t follow God to get things. He has already given me life. And in Jesus Christ I have eternal life. I am not worthy of eternal life, but Jesus died for me. How can I not live for Him? My intellect and understanding are limited. But this is sufficient for me. God has demonstrated His existence and His love, and I will follow my Creator and Redeemer. I don’t follow Him to get things. I want to give my all to Him.

Before we move to Thailand, I hope I have an opportunity to share with my co-workers what God and Jesus mean to me.

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