Why Adopt an AFM Missionary?

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Why adopt an AFM Missionary? Because it changes the world, and it changes you! As individuals and churches step out in faith to support mission work, God does amazing things. One church actually doubled its attendance after adopting an AFM missionary. “…To show a liberal, self-denying spirit for the success of foreign missions is a sure way to advance home missionary work; for the prosperity of the home work depends largely, under God, upon the reflex influence of the evangelical work done in countries afar off. It is in working to supply the necessities of others that we bring our souls into touch with the Source of all power. The Lord . . . designs that in every home, in every church, and at all the centers of the work, a spirit of liberality shall be shown in sending help to foreign fields, where the workers are struggling against great odds to give the light to those who sit in darkness” (Gospel Workers, p 465).

God honors the generosity of His children. A donor named Sylvia shares her story:
“I am single and retired, living on a rather small Social Security check that pretty much just covers basic living expenses. It is easy to yield to the temptation to become rather tight-fisted with one’s income. But, thank God, I have learned that the best cure for that mindset is to give more.”

As Sylvia prayed about where to send her offering, she felt impressed that it shouldn’t be a one-time gift but rather a monthly commitment for a year toward the launching of new missionaries. Though she felt embarrassed by the humble amount of her monthly offering, it represented a sacrifice for her.

“I figured God would make up the difference by stretching my remaining income. But I have found that God is always full of surprises. After writing the first check in January, I received a check from my mortgage company for $200. Then (and this has never happened before) they lowered my monthly payment by the exact amount I am giving to AFM! I am so in awe of what God has done for me.”

Besides working in our support team at home, God is also reproducing His character in His missionaries and in the unreached people they serve. “Never did we lack for anything because of your support,” said one missionary family. “How often we felt the power of your fervent prayer on our behalf. Each month we received a report of God’s faithfulness through you when enough money came in for our needs. God is faithful. He walked right with us through hard times. He brought us the joy of seeing people choose Him—friends with whom we are looking forward to spending eternity. We are thankful for the opportunity AFM gave us to experience life with God in this way. Our lives are changed because of it.”

Thanks to the pioneering work of AFM missionaries, the gospel continues to spread in Mongolia, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Benin and Thailand to name only a few countries. Why adopt an AFM missionary? Find out for yourself and be blessed!

Focus: AFM is the leading Seventh-day Adventist supporting ministry focused solely on unreached people groups.

Teamwork: AFM works in cooperation with the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church to raise up self-perpetuating church-planting movements that are then incorporated into the world Church structure.

Long-term discipleship: AFM missionaries take time to learn the language and culture of the people they work with, instill a hunger for the Gospel, and train local people to continue the work long after the missionaries are gone.

Support: AFM is committed to responsibly providing for our missionaries.

Relationship: AFM believes that partnership in missionary work blesses the donor and the missionary.

Training: With more than 30 years of experience in cross-cultural missions, AFM’s training is unrivaled.

Accountability: For seven consecutive years, AFM has been awarded Charity Navigator’s highest rating.

How to adopt a missionary

1. Prayerfully select a missionary or missionary candidate. (See Adventist Frontiers magazine or visit www.afmonline.org.)

2.Find a giving envelope in the center of any Adventist Frontiers magazine and fill out a pledge or email development@afmonline.org with your decision.

3. Start payment.

4. Pray for your missionary and target people group. (This is the most important step!)

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