Where Were You?

I recently finished reading a book about Dr. James Dobson and was struck by the following question he poses: “Where were you when the Christian concept of marital fidelity, lifelong love, commitment to the welfare of children, protection for the unborn child and two thousand years of family tradition first came under fire?” (Dr. Dobson: Turning Hearts Toward Home, p. 146, by Rolf Zettersten). Dr. Dobson began his professional career during a time of tremendous social change. As he saw the family institution being attacked from almost every angle, he felt led to start a ministry that would counteract the secular forces wreaking havoc on society’s most fundamental building block. Through the ministry of Focus on the Family, Dr. Dobson was able to serve the needs of millions of families and champion traditional family values in an age when they were being increasingly ridiculed, maligned and warred against. He wasn’t content to sit back and do nothing. He saw a need and took a stand. As a result of his efforts, countless marriages have been saved, children have been blessed and families have been strengthened.

I am always inspired by reformers like Dr. Dobson, people whose souls are stirred to fight for a righteous cause and affect social change. I believe that every Christian is called to this kind of life—a life not content to passively accept the status quo and enjoy the temporal and spiritual blessings of salvation and a knowledge of God’s truth while millions of people around them are being destroyed by satanic influences. In Ezekiel 9:4, we see that God takes special notice of those who sigh and groan over the abominations committed in their midst.

In the country of Thailand, I see a society that is deeply dysfunctional and increasingly turning its back on traditional values. I see families being torn apart by marital infidelity, alcohol and the negative influence of popular media. I see parents neglecting to nurture their children, and children who are growing up without a secure foundation. I see a religion that offers no real hope for the future or even practical help for the present. In short, I recognize that I cannot be content to accept the status quo because I know that one day the question posed by Dr. Dobson will be posed to me by God: “Where were you?”

Friends, where are you? What are you doing to impact the society around you? Are you grieved by the abominations you see? I urge you to plead with God to make you an agent of change wherever you are. May the Lord stir our souls and give us the courage to take an active role in stemming the tide of evil that is engulfing our world.

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