What We Have In Mind

Since we arrived in the Kono District of Sierra Leone, we have been helping the church in the city of Koidu. Our children have been assisting with the children’s Sabbath School classes while we study the culture and lifestyle of the Kono people and help conduct leadership training.

The Kono District is divided into 14 chiefdoms. Sharing the message in this part of the country is a struggle because of the lack of workers and the busy life of the Kono people. But, with prayers, God will bless our efforts.

Seventh-day Adventists have presented God’s message in Sierra Leone since 1892. Since then, pastors and missionaries have continued the work. In the early 1930s, Pastor Tromborg moved with his family from Denmark to Baiama, a town in the Tankoro Chiefdom, to take the three angels’ messages to the people of Kono. In 1935, the family lost their son and buried him at Mango Hill in Baiama town but remained devoted to spreading the message. From Baiama, the good news reached a few more towns and another chiefdom. Currently, the church is present in only these two chiefdoms.

Our family is determined to take God’s message to these noble Kono people using two principal strategies. First, because the people always take their radios with them while they spend their entire day mining or on their farms, we intend to use radio broadcasting to reach them. Second, we will establish a training center to instruct believers on how to serve as Bible workers in other chiefdoms.

We currently have a chiefdom in mind where we plan to station ourselves for the next 15 years. Once we have our project vehicle, we will explore the other eleven chiefdoms.

We know it will not be easy, but with God, all things are possible. Please keep us in your prayers as we embark on the challenge of spreading the three angels’ messages throughout Sierra Leone.

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