Wet Feet

“Every single time I’ve been in desperate need for something, God waited until the last minute to answer my prayer. And when the answer came, it was always mind-blowing.”

Listening to our fellow missionary draw his conclusion to the wonderful, almost unbelievable stories he had just shared with us, I couldn’t help but smile as I realized that this was the story of our lives. That’s why, for a few weeks in a row during my study, I kept coming back to one particular Bible chapter, Joshua 3. It never ceases to amaze me when I try to picture the kind of faith those priests must have had to actually get their feet wet in Jordan’s waters before God split the river in two. What a miracle!

This reminds me of the many times when God wanted us to follow a path up to the point of impossibility, and then He revealed His power in the most unexpected ways. Like the one time when we boarded a plane to Africa for our first missionary trip with only about a half of the necessary funds, even after investing the money for my next year’s tuition. Eventually everything got sorted out in a way that is still not clear to us, and we still keep that trip in our hearts as one of our most valuable memories. Or maybe that time when Cristian went to the seminary to take his admission exam with a one-way ticket in his hand, leaving behind all his dreams and plans to follow a call that brought him a lot of uncertainty and questions. Now, years after that unexpected turn, we can testify that decision changed our lives forever in the best way possible.

When I pause to look back, I recall so many stepping-into-the-Jordan moments, I can’t even count them. It’s too easy to forget some of these moments and become scared or doubtful. At this point our life, we can feel our feet getting wet again. Please join us in prayer as we ask for guidance, faith and the courage to trust God’s timing. Thankfully, the past shows us that He already has everything covered.

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