Cristian & Otilia Stroia

Career Missionary since 2017, serving the Georgians of Georgia.

Cristian grew up having a dream – to become a doctor and bring healing to the people. While he was studying hard toward his lifelong dream, God called him for the ministry of healing souls instead. Not without a fight and after spending a lot of time in prayer, he changed the focus of his studies to Theology and then dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel. 

Otilia grew up in a mission- oriented family and she also had a dream: a normal, stable life, unlike the one that she experienced as a missionary child. She never felt the call for long-term ministry until she experienced God at work in her own life, during the ministry she shared with Cristian. After participating in a lot of projects involving children, she is now delighted to raise and love a little miracle of her own, baby Oliver.
They both worked on two projects in unreached areas of Romania and Ukraine and have been blessed to gain a new perspective on mission amidst the challenges of a very traditional, Orthodox, ex-communist culture. At the same time, they got in touch with AFM and had the pleasure of sharing a project for a few years before they started to consider making foreign mission their career. After they prayed and experienced God at work again, they happily answered the call for the Georgia project, being impressed by the needs of this 4 million people country, where the Seventh Day Adventist presence is only 0.005 %. Sharing a similar background with the Georgian people, they are committed to meet their needs and introduce them to their Savior, Jesus Christ, in a way they never heard of Him before.

Frontier Stories

The CHoir Needs Preaching, Too

There are many sincere truth seekers out there. Will you help us remind them about the good, simple news of salvation?

By: Cristian Stroia
June 01 2019, 9:08 am | Comments 0

There Will Be No Borders

God has promised us that He will create a new earth where I am sure there will be no borders, and families will be reunited. There will be no tears or bloodshed. This is the God I am serving, and I want to let people know that He is coming soon.

By: Cristian & Otilia Stroia
May 01 2019, 2:23 pm | Comments 0

Visionaries and Missionaries

We probably owe all the progress of humanity to some slightly crazy people. To believe that you can fly, to want to explore life across the ocean, to make a dead heart beat again or to have electricity—these ideas sounded ridiculous at one time.

By: Otilia Stroia
April 01 2019, 2:25 pm | Comments 0

Love thy Neighbor

What is your missionary challenge today?

By: Otilia Stroia
March 01 2019, 1:26 pm | Comments 0

I Never Thought of That

We plan, we calculate, we work, we estimate and we tend to forget that Somebody else is in charge.

By: Otilia Stroia
February 01 2019, 11:34 am | Comments 0

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