We Have a Truck!

We want to say a huge thank-you to each of you who helped pray for and fund the new truck for the agriculture and industries at our school! God’s timing is perfect. We received the exact amount we needed to purchase the truck.

The truck has a longer bed than most pickup trucks of its size, a five-speed manual transmission, and four-wheel-drive. We will add some mud tires, a brush guard on the front, seating in the bed and a canopy. We have been using it to haul students when our van and tuk tuk were having mechanical issues. We also have been using it as a mobile work station for finishing the construction of the culverts going out to the farmland. One thing I personally appreciate about this model is that it has extra places around the bed for tying things down. The first time I brought it to the project site, I was thrilled with how easy it was to tie loads down.

We’re looking forward to using the truck to haul loads of avocados, durian and bananas to sell so that our students can be locally funded and not dependent on outside assistance. Thanks again for all your prayers and support! If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have this four-wheeled blessing.

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