We Are Family

“I’m thankful for the family of God,” Brianna said to the rest of us in the circle. The sun was sinking, and our Sabbath rest was melting away into the shadows stretching across the lake below. I wasn’t ready to leave. I could have lived in that place. But the sight of Khon Kaen in the distance reminded me that there was a whole city of people who didn’t know the Creator of all this beauty and the Father of us all.

Brianna continued, “When I heard about the Nepal earthquake this afternoon that struck the city where our fellow missionaries were staying, I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I’ve never felt that way about anyone besides my family before.”

We all nodded. There had been a scramble of urgent networking and telephone calls before the news had finally come back: “They’re safe!” We had just met these colleagues at a recent spiritual retreat, but the fellowship we’d shared had bound our hearts together like family.

There is nothing like family. We have looked forward to our upcoming furlough for the chance it gives us to be with our loved ones—to talk to them face to face, to hug them. We are also looking forward to meeting our extended family in Christ—our supporters and prayer warriors. Before joining AFM, I remember meeting AFM missionaries I had read about and feeling like they were like old friends, even family. Now we consider you family, and we would love to meet with you if our paths cross (please check our speaking schedule to the right).

I love being home on furlough. I could live in that place. But in my heart, I still see Khon Kaen, and we look forward to returning, to inviting more people into the great family of God. Thank you for your love, prayer and financial support that make that possible!

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