Red rock and cryptobiotic soil, high desert and dry grass. As we have been traveling to say our goodbyes to family, we have seen our share of barren wasteland—dry, desolate places where there seems to be no chance of finding life and refreshment. These miles of highway we are traveling are an eyesore to us. Then, rounding the foot of a mountain or coming over a ridge into a valley, we see before us a vastly different panorama: Sprawling fields of lush green crops and beautiful flowers and trees. Our eyes are soothed once more.

Thinking about our travels through the wastelands and fruitful places, we ponder what makes the difference. The answer, of course, is water. Wherever we find the land green and lush, there are always rivers, streams or irrigation canals running through it. All of the places that are dry and brown have no water supply. Unless there is rain, these places remain forever barren and parched.

Water can represent many things, but to us it represents the word of God and His work in our hearts and lives. We are going to a place that is dry, where there is no Water of Life. There are thirsty people in Thailand who are waiting for someone to show them how to receive a never-ending supply of this water. We pray that we will have springs of Living Water spilling over from our lives to share with the Northern Khmer of Thailand

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