Update 3

“Going afar, upon the mountains; seeking the wander back again, into the fold of my Redeemer; Jesus the Lamb for sinners slain.”

This song has taken on a whole new meaning these past two months. Every morning I wake up to beautiful mountain ranges before me. I walk up and down the trails, catching new glimpses of different sides of my Father’s world and His glory. What strikes me every time is the thought of more—more people who have yet to hear the message of a God that loves them. I wonder how many people are still living in bondage to fear of the spirits. Though God has worked mightily in our village, and has revealed His love to the people here, I still wrestle with the thought that there are still more of His people throughout these mountains who still don’t know.

Last Sunday we received an urgent phone call from a village on the next mountain, about a 12-hour hike from ours. For the second time this year, there was a fish-poisoning outbreak in that village. About 30+ people were affected. Two of the more seasoned nurses went out by helicopter over there, while myself and the other short-term missionary stayed back to hold up the clinic on our busiest day of the week. As I whispered for a quick prayer of wisdom as we treat patients and for the other girls as they confront the challenge, I felt God’s arms carrying me. I heard His voice whisper, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee” Isaiah 26:3.

God’s peace has sustained me in ways I could have never imagined. We have been in battle with the enemy daily. Sometimes this comes through unexpected village calls at inconvenient times, or even direct enemy attack. Our friend Beauty (undisclosed name for privacy’s sake) is possessed once again for the second time. What has caused her to be possessed again we don’t know. While we are a little frustrated and quite frankly annoyed (because who is the enemy to think he can control her?), we know that this is opportunity for us to learn how to persevere in prayer. Who knows what God is wanting to accomplish through this? We know that He allows things to happen for His glory. Though it was a shock that it happened again, God’s peace overwhelms me every time. I know that His grace is sufficient. Last time was difficult, and I don’t want to endure through it again. But I am grateful that Christ is powerful. I know He will manifest Himself once again, in an even greater way. Please continue to keep us in fervent prayer. We need more of His grace this time.

More—it seems to be the theme of my life thus far. Like when my growling stomach reminds me it’s almost time for lunch and the ticking clock affirms the rumble, just as we’re about to lock up for lunch break, more patients show up on our porch that need to be seen. Just as my work day in the clinic is over, as I head back to my bamboo hut thinking I can just grab a hint of rest, the kids ask me for more of my time to play. Just when I think I have the opportunity to sleep early for one night, the girls in the dorm want a little more time to talk about their latest struggle. When I want to just stay in the afternoon, and language learn at home, the Spirit convicts me there are more people out there that need to be met. Just when we think our friend is okay, and has had victory over her sin, she’s harassed again and more prayer for her is needed. Sometimes I’m tempted to say no, that’s enough. I’ve had it. But who am I to say no? Yes, Christ went to the mountain to rest awhile, but what if the mountain is exactly where the work needs to be done?

I wrestle with these things sometimes. My carnal nature is tempted to just throw my hands in the air and say NO MORE! But every time I’m tempted to, God reminds me of His strength. He reminds me of how “His grace is sufficient for even me; His strength is made perfect in weakness” 2 Cor. 12:9. Though I am exhausted at the end of the day, I marvel to think how He given me the strength to get through. I’ve never felt so dependent on God before. It’s such a mystery to me. Just when I think I can’t go anymore, He’s given me the last push I need to keep going. My God is truly so amazing. I am grateful.

This is probably not the best of updates, but I have just a sliver of time to write to you all so I figured I might as well make the most of it. Hopefully I can send updates monthly! Internet is so sparse here, and so hard to come by.

I’m sure you all have your own battles to fight daily. I pray that by God’s grace you are overcoming. The same God that gave Paul grace through his infirmities to continue the ministry is the same God that gives missionaries strength to persevere. He is also the same God that can carry you too. Praying for you all daily! I am so grateful for your support, and your investment in reaching the unreached.


Casey Lao
Bondservant of the Most High God

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