Two Opportunities

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There are a number of AFM projects in need of additional team members in order to better fulfill their mission—team members who bring additional skills and gifts that complement the work and extend the reach of the project.

This month, we would like to feature two restricted-access projects located in Africa.

The first is located in the heart of the Sahara. Like an oasis, it provides access to living water and nourishment for seekers whose opportunities for hearing the gospel are dependent on the presence of real people.

The second project is also located in a region of north central Africa where a widespread longing for peace and answers to life’s questions is fueled by endemic violence and poverty.

Looking for divine appointments is a way of life for missionaries in these projects where serving medical needs opens surprising doors for meeting people of peace (those open to learning and facilitating the work), nurturing seeds of interest, and making disciples.

You have heard the need. If God has been nudging you to respond “I will go,” then let’s chat! Give us a call at AFM recruiting or send us an email. We will be happy to share additional information about these projects and help you answer God’s calling on your heart.

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