God has greatly blessed our Pnong Project with two families of teammates. This has enabled me to transition into a development role, starting industries that will make the school self-sustaining and enable expansion to grade twelve. Currently, we offer classes through grade six, and we want to be able to provide an Adventist education for our graduating sixth-grade students and continue leading them to Christ. Last year after our Week of Prayer, our entire fifth grade class asked for baptismal studies! This group has the most spiritual interest so far.

Obtaining permits for higher grades is one challenge. Government regulations in Cambodia are tightening, so gaining certification for our school may be difficult. Another challenge is finding teachers for higher education locally in Cambodia. To be certified, these teachers need to have completed more education, and those who speak English and have degrees tend to opt for higher pay than we can offer.

Please join us in praying over these two matters. Also, please pray that our industries will flourish. Next month, we will share more about the industries we are starting.

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