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You turn the final page of the book you have been reading. The sunlight leaks in through the window, beckoning you outside for a day of joy. You get up out of your chair, change into your Sabbath clothes, eat a small meal, and head outside and down the path to the central part of the city, leaving your mansion behind for the nature before you. The streams and rivers, perfect in beauty, glide by you in a moment as you head for the weekly Sabbath celebration.

As you walk, you remember the events of the past two million years. Every moment has been filled with delight, peace and joy. You have met individuals from every decade of Earth’s ancient history — even the time before Christ returned to redeem His people. You have encountered men and women who lived in each town, city, country and continent. Every person has a unique story to share and remarkable accounts of Christ’s work in their lives.

You think back to the time on Earth during the 21st century. Although each moment felt endless, it was only a short blip in the grand swath of history revealing the story of God’s love and character. Despite the difficulties you experienced, you can now see God’s leading and mercy in each moment. Your heart bursts with thankfulness and love toward your Creator and Redeemer.

A multitude arrives with you at the place of worship — millions of men and women surrounded by throngs of angels. On one side, you see your friends who lived in Ireland, Mozambique and Ukraine. On the other side, you notice some musicians from Thailand speaking excitedly with the missionaries who first told them about Jesus. The Pnong, Alangan and Himba crowd are over by the Tree of Life, surrounded by the Mien, Tai-Kadai and Tibetans. Countless people from countless places assemble, all to worship their Lord and Savior.

You continue to survey the growing sea of faces — each unique, precious and loved by their heavenly Father. Each ransomed by Jesus Christ. You know eternity would not be the same should even one of these people, with their history, culture and language, be missing. Jesus died for each of them, and you cannot begin to express your overwhelming gratitude for His goodness and love in dying for you — you! — and bringing you to the beautiful land you now inhabit. Settling down on the lush grass, you prepare for the worship service that will begin in a moment.

Just as it is about to start, you wake up. The room is dark, the window blinds shut. Your dog snores at your feet. It was just a dream. You contemplate the things you heard and saw. Nothing can express what you beheld. You think about the vast throngs of people from all nations, tongues and peoples — each one loved by their Creator and adding to the beauty of heaven. You ponder what your pastor spoke about: how many on the earth still sit in spiritual darkness and do not know Jesus and His sacrifice for them. You see the need to bring the good news to people groups who have never heard the gospel. You want to help them understand God’s salvation.

If the picture of heaven is to be complete, someone must do something now. The gift of the gospel that you have is precious; you cannot simply stand by and wait for someone else to share it for you. Will you join us in helping to make the dream of reaching every people group a reality today?

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