The Way Home

On a bitterly cold, snowy night, my family said goodbye to our friends and began our journey home. I trusted in the driver’s ability to pilot us through the treacherous weather—at least I did until we suddenly realized we were on the wrong side of the road! He quickly steered us back, but it was clear that we needed help to make it home. I silently prayed for God to help and protect us.

As we continued driving, a vehicle pulled out in front of us, and relief flooded over everyone in the car. The vehicle’s bright-red taillights provided a guide for our driver to follow. We slowly progressed together toward our goal until the lead vehicle turned off onto another road. Again, relief washed over us as a different vehicle took its place in front of us. Finally, on the last road of our journey, we followed a horse-and-buggy with a bright-orange triangular reflector. God answered my prayer through these three vehicles, and we arrived safely at home.
Every human being is on a journey home. The way is filled with darkness, danger and distraction. There are many—far too many—who have never heard of the Way. They need someone to come and lead them. They are praying for help and protection. Just as God sent vehicles to guide my family home, He is calling all of us to lead His children to Him.

Will you be one of those who goes out and shares the three angels’ messages in a dark world? Is God calling you to reflect the love of Jesus among a group of people who have never had a chance to know Him? Please let us help you find those who are praying that you will come and lead them home.

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