The Touch of Hope and Healing

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Picture the following scenes: A family sits down in their living room, and within minutes each member is raptly staring at a device in their hands. A woman sits at a bar, slowly nursing a numbing cocktail while flirtatiously chatting with the bartender. A man sits in his office, searching for adult videos, ignoring the pressure of guilt welling up inside. A group of teenagers hangs out behind an abandoned building, passing around a joint. An elderly person places a gift in front of a statue, prostrating themselves on the ground before the idol.

Each of these scenarios reveals that human beings were created with the need to be loved and connected. When something prevents us from receiving love or feeling truly connected with someone, we search for another way to fill that gaping hole in our hearts. Often this search results in scenarios like the ones described above. Fear, shame, self-doubt, guilt and resentment create barriers that make it hard to receive love and impact our ability to connect with one another and with God.

Now picture this scene: A crowd is following a Prophet and His disciples. Suddenly the crowd parts and gasps in disbelief and horror. Hobbling up to the Prophet, a leper falls on his knees in worship and declares, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.”

The Prophet looks at the leper with compassion, reaches out His hand and touches him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” The man is immediately restored, no longer an outcast (Matthew 8).

The leper had heard of this Prophet and His miracles. He longed to be connected to his family and community once more, and the things he heard gave him hope. Hope for healing; hope for reconciliation; hope for genuine love. His prayers were answered when he met Jesus.

Sadly, there are millions in this world who have never heard of Jesus Christ. They are searching for love and connection, but they do not know the One who can truly satisfy their longing. They need the touch of Jesus. God’s heart is breaking as He watches His children search for something to fill His place.

Will you help connect the unreached with the One who brings healing and restoration? We would like to help you serve as a missionary among these people who do not know the compassion of Christ. Please contact us at

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