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Phii Seng and Phii Porn are the son and daughter-in-law of our church member Paa Keesara. Like Paa Keesara, they had spent a couple years in a Pentecostal church actively serving with their pastor. But when Phii Porn had a disagreement with the pastor’s wife over tithing and other issues, the pastor’s wife asked Phii Porn and her whole family to leave their church and never come back.

Paa Keesara started attending a Jehovah’s Witnesses Kingdom Hall and invited her family to go with her. They went and began studying and were soon pretty deep into the JW books and magazines. But Paa Keesara began to question several JW beliefs. After much prayer, God led her to learn the truth of the Sabbath. She left the Jehovah’s Witnesses and eventually was baptized into our church. She invited pastor Thanyathad and me to visit her son and daughter-in-law at their coffee shop. When we arrived, I immediately noticed the JW tracts and books they had on display for their customers. Phii Seng and Phii Porn were polite but slightly aloof. Paa Keesara commanded in her motherly way that they give us non-caffeinated drinks made from a sour fruit preserved in salt and served with lots of sugar. They obeyed, served us, and then refused payment when I offered. As I talked with them, I was impressed with their Bible knowledge, especially Phii Seng’s. But when we invited them to search out the truths of the Sabbath and other unique Adventist beliefs with us, they were resistant and even fearful.

A few months later Phii Seng and Phii Porn’s marriage fell apart, and they divorced. We were shocked and saddened, but it turned out to be a divine opportunity. By God’s grace, we were able to counsel with them and help them put the pieces of their marriage back together. It was a miracle! Many times I was tempted to think it was impossible for them to be reconciled. But God is in the reconciling business. Last year, they were remarried in our church! Now they are practically church members, though not yet baptized. They have accepted the Sabbath and are enthusiastically sharing it with their friends and family. At the same time, they are studying other Adventist beliefs and the writings of Ellen White.

Recently, I helped rescue a lady who was drowning in a river. I towed her to the bank, and two men pulled us out of the water. One of the men was Phii Seng. I began praying that this type of rescue would become an ongoing reality in a spiritual sense.

Please join me in praying for Phii Seng and Phii Porn that they will officially join our church and that we will work together to help rescue multitudes in Thailand who are drowning in sin.

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