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For the last several years I have been interviewing people for missionary service. It has been interesting to see who actually goes and how God has shaped their lives. Although there is no such thing as a perfect résumé for a missionary, many of them have a résumé that reads something like this:

Bea Missionary
107 E. Ferry Street
Berrien Springs, MI 49103 (800) 937-4236

Objective: I want to do something for Jesus, the One who has done everything for me. I am aware that the need is great, and therefore I sense that God is calling to go now.

Educational Experience: BA (Born Again) degree in the School of Prayer. I cherish the Bible and enjoy the Spirit of Prophecy. Enough education to know Christ and service, but not so much school that I’m buried in loans. Good problem-solving skills.

Employment Experience: Pathfinder, VBS helper, Sabbath School teacher, summer camp counselor, short-term mission trips, summer jobs during college, honest work of some kind, parenting small children, church leadership roles, Good Samaritan neighbor.

Family History: Parents provided missionary stories, in some cases Christian education, in most cases a solid church commitment and an encouragement to serve. Then there are parents who did the best they could, who don’t understand why their children would want to leave a good career and extended family, and who need to witness such commitment to God in their child’s life.

Skills and Talents: Building friendships. Flexibility and resiliency for the unexpected. Shepherding children. Mending relationships. Meeting strangers. Teaching neighbors what God is really like. Mechanics of right doing. Policing the avenues of one’s own soul. Counting the cost. Banking on God’s promises.

Type of Employment Desired: Student Missionary (students who are 19 years old or older and serve for a year); Short-Term Missionary (serve for one or more years, single or married without children); Career Missionary (able to commit to 6-10 years, perfect for young families); Platinum Missionary (spunky, healthy retirees who serve for a year or more).

References: Pastors don’t want you to leave; employers don’t want you to leave; friends and co-workers don’t want you to leave; but you know that Jesus is calling you to go!

Do you see glimpses of your own experience in this résumé? You need not have an entirely similar background. We would be happy to receive your application and put you to work for Jesus’ sake. Contact us at:

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