The Ministry of the Open Door

What do you do on a Sabbath afternoon after a tough week? Or maybe the week hasn’t been hard, but you are hungering for Christian fellowship? For us, it’s often ‘Miller Time,’ which we’ve been told is part of the Millerite movement! Sabbath afternoons fi nd the home of Terry and Cindy Miller fi lled with people engaging in uplifting conversations, prayers, songs of praise, studying the Bible or snoring on the couch. The Miller home is a calm refuge amid life’s storms, a place of peace and rest, a breath of fresh air in the smog of life. Some of my fondest memories are Sabbath afternoons spent with families like the Millers who have the gift of spontaneous hospitality.

When my parents were missionaries in India, our home had an open-door policy. Weary nursing and medical students would show up unannounced, asking, “What’s for supper?” Sick students would sometimes stay at our house until they recovered. Our home was a home away from home for many people. They set an example of informal kindness—a legacy to which I aspire.

In our transition to Thailand this fall, our prayer is that our home may be filled with the atmosphere of heaven and that we may comfort those around us as the Millers do and as my parents did. As we share our home with others, we pray that they may find encouragement and blessing , but most importantly, that they might know Jesus Christ and find in Him their Savior.

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