The Love of a Child

Our neighbor, Khun Yay, walked up to our front door with a bag of fresh produce in her hand just as we were sitting down to begin our evening worship. I quickly opened the door and invited her to come inside. After taking off her shoes, she handed me the bag of produce, sat down and began to tell me about a challenge she was having with her family.

“My son told me you could pray for me,” she said.

We have been neighbors with Khun Yay for seven years, and I have always sensed a spiritual openness on her part, although intertwined with a rather strong commitment to Buddhism. The fact that she took the advice of her son to seek me out told me that the Spirit was truly working on her heart. We expressed our sympathy for her problems and then prayed with her. Afterwards, I told my youngest daughter Emma to give Khun Yay a hug. She is often shy, but she quickly ran over to Khun Yay and wrapped her little arms around her legs as Khun Yay beamed with joy.

The next morning as I was walking down our street and saw Khun Yay, she thanked me for the prayer and told me that her situation was improving. She also told me that when Emma gave her a hug, she felt like it was God’s way of telling her that He loved her. My heart was touched; God was indeed speaking to her heart and using a little child to do so.

Since that visit, Khun Yay has begun coming to church with us on Sabbath. She has a growing faith in God and is studying His word daily. Please place Khun Yay on your prayer list today.

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