The Importance of People

I’m not an extrovert, and on that Sabbath morning I felt stressed. A guest had spent the night with us, and that morning another talkative friend had come over to chat until it was time to leave for church. Also, I knew Auntie might bring her five-year-old grandson over that morning while she got things ready for the fellowship meal.

As I knelt by my bed that morning, I felt overwhelmed. Then God spoke to my heart, “This is the reason you’re here.” He was helping me to put things back in perspective. People are not always convenient, but they are important and wonderful.

And you know what? People bring joy. Our overnight guest brought her family to our church, too. The talkative friend told me Jesus brought meaning to her life, and I do see her changing. And Auntie is becoming more comfortable with the church members and is learning more about God. Now she is trying to bring others to church, too.

Though I’m not an extrovert who thrives on constant interaction with people, I am a child of God called by Him to love each and every invaluable soul bought with Christ’s blood. Lord, give me eyes to see Jesus’ estimate of each person. That will bring me joy!

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