The Impact of a Student Missionary

I watched from a distance as Pi Joon and his two daughters said their final goodbyes to Anna. For the past year and a half, Anna had faithfully taught music lessons to Pi Joon’s daughters, Ploy and Pleng, and several other students at our music school. Now it was time for her to begin her journey home. I was touched to see that Pi Joon was willing to take time out of his work day to come to the airport. Also, his daughters had asked for permission to miss school so they could say goodbye to their beloved teacher.

Anna thanked them for coming to see her off and told Ploy and Pleng how proud she was of the progress they had made in their lessons. Pi Joon’s face showed both gratitude and sadness. He, too, had connected with Anna. They all exchanged fond words and smiles, knowing that it might be the last time they would ever see each other this side of heaven. Pi Joon made sure to get a photo of all four of them together.

Ploy and Pleng gave Anna big hugs as tears welled up in their eyes. Anna, too, was on the edge of tears. I realized that if this went on much longer, I would be crying, too!

This is the kind of impact a student missionary can have on the lives of the people they befriend. I am extremely grateful for the dedicated student missionaries who have served with us on the Central Thai Project. I have been inspired by their sacrifice and service. May the Lord continue to touch hearts and impact lives through these servants of His!

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