The Green Lights

“God, I have so much to do. I do not know how I can even make it to church in time with all the traffic. If you really want me there, please give me green lights all the way,” Nee prayed.

Nee and her family have been friends with our team since meeting the Palacios family at a local soccer school about eight years ago. Over time, they have enrolled their children in our music school, attended various church and school functions, and had numerous spiritual discussions with us. Yet, they have never decided to follow Christ.

A while back, Nee met one of our church members Lin, who runs a beauty and skin clinic in the city. Nee soon began to go to her shop. As they developed a friendship, Lin was able to have spiritual discussions with Nee and encouraged her to begin praying to God. Appreciating the advice, Nee decided that she would attend church one Sabbath.

When the Sabbath arrived, Nee began to have second thoughts about going. She needed to drop one of her children off at an activity and knew that she would probably arrive at church late. This was when Nee prayed to God, asking Him to give her green lights along what could otherwise be a slow route in the city, with several intersections and traffic lights to cross. To her surprise, every stoplight that she approached on her way to church was green! For her, this was a sign that God wanted her to be in church that day. When she walked in, I was surprised to see her but thankful that she was there. And when several church members warmly welcomed her, it touched my heart. I sensed that God was indeed working in Nee’s heart, too.

In the book of Acts, we often see God working in miraculous and intentional ways to bring those whose hearts are open to Him in contact with those who know Him. I believe God still does that today. Church planting is a process, and building trust-based friendships takes time. Sometimes we question whether or not we will see people respond to God’s Spirit at all. But God does not give up on people, and He is continually doing things to draw them to Himself. Please pray that Nee, her family and our people experience God in unmistakable ways.

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