The Angry Donso

In traditional Malian culture, donsos are hunters who are very influential in the community. To become a donso, men have to go through numerous rituals that include blood and sometimes human sacrifice. Our friend Moussa was a donso before he gave his life to Christ. His father is the head donso of the region.

One day, one of the donsos insulted Moussa’s father. Moussa became angry and made the mistake of responding in kind, escalating the situation. So this donso cast a spell on Moussa, saying that he would die in three days.

Donsos are known to use spells to destroy people’s crops or kill them with sudden, unexplainable illness. People live in fear of angering donsos, and they are totally under their power. All the other donsos were afraid, and they pleaded with Moussa to apologize to this man. But Moussa told them about his new relationship with Jesus Christ who sacrificed Himself to save him. He told them that the true God did not require sacrifice and offerings to appease His anger, as their gods do. Moussa refused to ask the donso to lift the spell, choosing instead to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to protect him.

Three days passed, and then a week. Nothing happened to Moussa. Finally, the donso who had cast the spell came and asked Moussa to tell him the secret of his power. He told Moussa that this was the first time his power had failed him. He said he had sent spirits to kill Moussa, but they had returned to him and told him they could not approach Moussa because he was surrounded by a ring of fire and angels.

Moussa’s desire is to become an evangelist. Please pray for him that he will stay true to his decision to serve God. He is going through a lot of attacks and temptation right now. Please pray that as he shares his new faith with other donsos, they will give their lives to Christ.

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