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We have been immensely blessed during our furlough time in the States. We have put more than 19,000 miles on our van in 19 weeks of driving though 32 states. We have shared about what God is doing in Cambodia at 16 churches. We have also been able to visit with family and friends and have been reminded again how precious they all are! It has been fun to visit many of our favorite nature spots and to find some new locations as well.

As we travel from church to church, we have been sharing stories and pictures of our many experiences seeing God reveal Himself to His Cambodian children. It has been rewarding to share these stories with our support team members who have invested much heavenly treasure in our project for the sake of God’s Kingdom. And many other brothers and sisters at these churches have responded to the Spirit’s call and pledged to help us continue our ministry in Cambodia.

As I have followed up with these people, I have been especially blessed to hear what God is doing in their lives. I have met doctors whose focus is to touch their patients’ lives with health and holiness. I have met people who minister through the radio to their community. I was encouraged as I talked with many who are mindful of God’s presence and plan as they work at their various jobs, seeking to be faithful to Him no matter the cost. I have connected with salesmen, construction workers, teachers, nurses, homemakers, bakers, engineers, pastors, physical therapists, managers and directors of various businesses and many more whose eyes are fixed on the glory of God. Their stories of how God is working in their lives have encouraged and ministered to me.

At the same time, many are struggling with very real battles. Some have lost their husband or wife, and the pain is still fresh. Others are hurting from a broken relationship, and still others from children who have wandered far from God. There are brothers and sisters battling cancer, recovering from months of chemotherapy and radiation. But woven through all the pain is the golden thread of faith and endurance. These brothers and sisters are trusting God through the pain and heartaches and are waiting upon Him for strength.

Thank you all for the blessing you have been to our family as we have worshipped and fellowshipped together with you during our furlough time. Many of you have told us that you pray for us by name every day. We have often felt those prayers and treasure them more than you know!

As we prepare to return to Cambodia, we are encouraged to see what God is doing here in the States. We have renewed joy at being part of God’s end-time movement and having the opportunity to share Jesus with a people group that doesn’t know about Him. Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support that make it possible for us to share Christ among our brothers and sisters in Cambodia!

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