Student Transport Needed

The phone rang early one morning. It was Jonathan calling to tell Daniel that the front end of our tuk-tuk had come apart again as the driver started down the road out of the school property. We again thanked God that the breakdown had happened when no children were riding. This has happened three times in the last month. There have been many other issues with the tuk-tuk this year. It seems it is in the shop at least twice a month. We have even replaced the engine. No amount of fixing seems to keep the troubles away, so we have resolved that it needs to be retired.

With the agriculture program starting, we would like to replace the tuk-tuk with a truck to transport students to the fields each day this coming school year. We have learned from experience that second-hand vehicles tend to have continual problems here, so we would like to buy a new single-cab pickup truck and put benches and a canopy in the back. The cost of the truck and canopy is $28,500. We currently have about $17,000 left over from the infrastructure funds we raised a few years ago, and we will put this money toward the new truck. This leaves $11,500 needed to reach our goal. If you would like to help fund this truck, please call the AFM office, give online or mail in a donation marked “Pnong Infrastructure Fund.” Thank you so much!

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