First Week of Training

I had only been sleeping for three hours when the shrill sounds of my alarm forced me and up out of bed. I was exhausted, but also extremely excited. This was the day I would fly to training. The airport was very busy when I arrived, but I was able to get on my plane, starting my journey from Oregon to Michigan. Many hours later, I arrived on campus in Berrien Springs and was immediately thrown into a cross-cultural simulation. I was given a visa, and a map and was told to find something. Exhausted and confused, I began wandering around the campus, carrying my twenty-pound backpack with me. Finally, after trying three locked doors on one of the buildings, someone came and let me in. In the room, I was sent from table to table. There were a few activities including exchanging money and talking to a customs agent in a foreign language, it was challenging to communicate but it was possible. It was a crazy but fitting start to this missionary training. I have now been here for a week, and I have already learned so much. We have set physical and spiritual goals, which have made my mind and body sore with growth. We have learned about culture and worldview, but most importantly about God. There are fifteen student missionaries this year, and I have never met so many young people with so much passion and knowledge about Christ. It has really been a blessing being here and being able to learn so much both from the AFM leaders and from my fellow SMs. I can’t wait to see how much we will learn in the coming weeks. Please keep me and the other SMs in your prayers, as we train to become better servants of our Lord and Savior.

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