Stretch the Tent and Lengthen the Cords

Our team just had a two-week training session here in Khon Kaen, Thailand in which AFM’s Laurence Burn and Marc Coleman shared information and principles that, by God’s grace, will help us better facilitate a church-planting movement among our people. With several other AFM teams from the Philippines, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea present, there was invaluable cross-pollination of ideas and experiences. During the two Sabbaths that these teams joined our local group for worship, sharing their special music and testimonies, our Thai church members were also delighted and greatly blessed. With so many foreign guests combined with our regular attendees, our spacious worship room felt delightfully small.

The Sabbath after our visitors left promised to have only a small turnout, as several of our violin players and their parents would be attending a church in Bangkok and playing with the Siam Youth Violin Ensemble. Sure enough, as we began our worship service, there were only about 20 people present. But soon, a few more people arrived, and then more, and later more. By the time Daniëlle stood up to preach, there were more than 60 people present—even more than we’d had the week before! At least a third of those present were visitors with backgrounds in Buddhism, New Age, Catholicism and other protestant churches. It was so exciting to see our members and regular attendees enthusiastically inviting their friends and families to church!

By God’s grace, with your prayers and support, we will soon need to follow the counsel of Isaiah 54:2, “Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes” to make room for the new people God is calling!

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