We have the feeling we are about to lose ourselves in something huge that God is doing. In February, Emma and I sat across the table from student missionary Miranda Lundby, the three Great River Project missionary couples already in country, and Moses, who was there as our honored guest. We were mapping out the villages and towns where there is openness and deciding where and how to spread our influence. It was truly historic to have someone like Moses be part of our strategic planning—a baptized Adventist who is already sharing his faith inside his culture.

“As Christians, how close should we move to a Muslim village?” we asked Moses. “We don’t want to create fear.”

Moses smiled. “If you want to catch a lion, you must go into its lair.”

“Should we build a house of meeting or worship in homes and yards?” we asked.

“My people are sheep without a stable,” he replied, folding his hands, one of them missing three fingers from a work accident. The Great River People are aimless and lost. The religion they follow was created by man. Even Mohammed, whom they love so much, is in a grave.

Moses sat there in his threadbare pants and a shirt that was probably very handsome a long time ago. But his faith was richer than ours. He has faced bitter persecution and overcome. Our questions flowed for hours, and a strategy began to form. It was a glimpse of something historic, electrifying and God-sized. We will tell you all about it next month.

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