Someone need a carrier?

It was like any regular Sunday, I was working in the morning on schoolwork. I took my lunch break, and then I saw one lady approaching the clinic to ask for the head nurse. We mentioned that she was on her way to visit a patient. So the lady quickly went to the head nurse before the head nurse left to visit a patient, I asked the nurse what the lady had told her. There was a sick person who needed to be seen, according to the lady he (the patient) had to be carried to the clinic. That’s whenever I saw that she went to go look for some carriers, I was curious to see if she would find anyone. It was Sunday and people were busy with their usual gambling (volleyball, cock fight etc.) and playing basketball. I didn’t think she would find anyone willing. One student and one teacher agreed to help, everyone else continued on with whatever they were doing. I went back to the clinic to see if anyone else would show up. Only two people total, so then me and a fellow missionary Andre Rodrigues decided to help them as well. It is hard to only have two people to carry a patient. So the question was how to carry the patient from his house to the clinic. There is a stretcher, not very easy to use one the trails in the mountains. There’s a basket that they use in the mountains and there was a hammock, yes that’s right a hammock. I had bought an extra hammock and figured we could use that, so it’s really simple really all you need is a hammock and a piece of sturdy bamboo. Once we got the hammock and changed clothes we were off to the patient house. It wasn’t a very easy trail to the patient house. It had rained making the trail slippery; I slipped and fell a couple of times going to the patient house. Imagine this is without even carrying anything; it would be a challenge to return back the way went to the patient house. As we arrived to the house I was a little bit tired. I was not expecting to see what I saw, this man had been sick before. He had been carried out before, the reason why? He accidentally shot himself. He had an ulcer and what looked to be like a part of his intestines sticking out at his side. As we saw him, we knew he had to be carried out to the lowland to go to the hospital. But first we had to carry him to the clinic that we have in the mountains. So off we went, when we arrived the nurses checked him out. Sure enough he needed to be carried out. Once again to find more people to carry, only this time a longer distance. Not to mention steep trails and needing about 6 people to carry the patient. It was roughly 4:20 pm which meant time was getting short. He had to leave soon, to beat the dark. It was about an hour going to the Patient house and back to the clinic. This time it would be about 2 hrs one way. We asked once more for help carrying…I think I heard the crickets

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