Seizing the Opportunity

In life, whether in Benin or another part of the world, seizing the opportunities that God gives us is such a blessing. It does not matter how small you think it is; we often only see a fraction of what God has in mind for us.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day this past March 8, I and the other missionaries at my project decided to do a small thing for the women of our neighborhood by writing a small song:

Today, it’s Women’s Day
A day very special.
Today, it’s Women’s Day
It’s a joyful day.

We are going to sing for every woman in the neighborhood.
You always deserve to be lionized.

We visited each of the women in our neighborhood, playing the song on our ukulele and passing out little bouquets that Quíria, another missionary, proudly gave to the women after they listened to the song.

This small act—so easy, yet unique and likely to be remembered—was greatly appreciated by the women. The impact was even more profound. In a country where women are valued less than men, they depend on their husbands, fathers or brothers to act on their behalf. That we took the time to go from house to house to celebrate them specifically was really special to them, opening doors to new friendships. Some were so touched by the lyrics of the song that tears appeared on their cheeks..

I was a bit nervous at first, but the reward of seeing the smiles on the faces of all these women was enough to convince me that no matter how small the opportunity is, we should never lose a moment to share God’s love with others. People deserve it.

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