Satan’s Campaigns

Here at summer missionary training, we have been learning a lot. One of the topics we have studied is Satan’s campaigns, and the reality of this has really hit home for us. Here in the “civilized” West, we like to think Satan is not as active as he is overseas. But that is not what we have been experiencing here.

Since missionary training began, many missionaries have become sick or injured. It seems that when one person recovers, someone else comes down with something. We have seen our children become agitated and frustrated with no apparent cause. We have realized the campaigns of the devil are alive and well right here.

A week ago, we welcomed our second child, Haven Anne, into the world. Praise the Lord for a healthy baby girl! Ever since her birth, our family has been fighting a stomach virus and dealing with our new baby’s jaundice. But Satan’s campaign to depress and discourage us has been halted by the power of Jesus. Praise the Lord!

Christ has given us power to rebuke the devil and his angels and send them away. Christ’s victory is ours to claim as we see satanic campaigns mounting. We know more trouble will come our way as we prepare to launch to Thailand, so we invite your prayers and intercession to block not only these campaigns but those against the Northern Khmer people as they learn about Christ. Please also consider becoming monthly partners with us as we go to the Northern Khmer people.

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