Reinforced Team

God continues to do great things in Guinea-Bissau. In April 2022, two new Brazilian couples — Geovan and Daniela Machú, and Lucas and Emanuele Toffoli — joined our team, increasing our ministry possibilities in this fantastic country.

Daniele Machú is a psychologist and provides clinical care for people with psychological problems. She also teaches classes on emotional control, depression, stress and more. Geovan Machú is a sales professional and has good experience with manual work, which is very valuable in countries like Guinea-Bissau. Geovan is also responsible for Bible studies given at the center of influence that works in the Antula neighborhood.

Emanuele Toffoli is a journalist who graduated from UNASP in Engenheiro Coelho, São Paulo. She works with Radio Novo Tempo, a station in Guinea-Bissau that carries Hope Channel broadcasts and had been closed since 2020 due to a lack of professionals. It is now back on the air. Emanuele is also responsible for producing social media content for our project accounts. Lucas Toffoli is a History teacher who also graduated from UNASP. He coordinates and teaches the English course offered at the center of influence in Guinea-Bissau. Lucas also teaches the Portuguese course. Because the class was very large, we divided it and formed two groups. Gláucia Batista coordinates and teaches one group while Lucas teaches the other.

We praise God for the additional ministry these workers provide, and we are confident that God will continue to do great things through them for the millions of Guineans who need to hear the word of truth. We unequivocally believe they are not here by chance. On the contrary, God has a tremendous work for each of them to accomplish here.

Please pray for the missionaries in Guinea-Bissau. Also, please share this good news with your colleagues, friends, and family because, after all, “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket” (Matthew 5:15).

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