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Our family’s story starts in Sierra Leone where a civil war was raging, and violence was on every side. In desperation, I pleaded with the Lord to save my hands from amputation by the rebels, and I vowed to serve Him until I died.

The Lord protected our family, and we fled across the border to Guinea. In Conakry, we started attending a Pentecostal church, and I eventually became the assistant pastor.

Revelation 18:4 says, “I heard another voice from heaven saying, come out of Babylon my people lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.” A friend invited me to an Adventist Church in Medina, Conakry, for a thirteenth-Sabbath program. I heard a voice saying to me, “This is where you belong.” I researched Adventist teachings to be sure, and I started studying the Bible with an Adventist pastor. He taught me so many things about God’s word, and I decided to be baptized. For about nine years we worked with the AFM Susu Project, reaching out to Muslims. Now we are taking up the work of the AFM Malinke Project in Kangaba, Mali.

I thank God for my missionary predecessors in Kangaba, the Polleys, Currys, Johnsons and Lovitts. They did wonderful work, and God used each family mightily to minister in their own special way and glorify His name.

We are following up on the Lovitts’ contacts and visiting old members through the help of a faithful brother, Musa Diallo. He first took us to his village, Sakolinda, where we met with four old friends of the Polleys. Our next stop was the village of Safula where we met with a man named Papa Sall, another friend of the Polleys. In Kangaba, we met with Bakari Samanke, a baptized member of the church, and he now comes to worship every Sabbath. We met with Fajimba Camara, Samoro Baro and Kalifa Kone for a discussion about what led them to turn from Christianity back to Islam. They talked about their opinions and reasons, and God inspired me with words to say and ways to motivate them. We are building friendships with them through regular visits, talking, praying and sharing with them.

Today we will have a Bible study with some other interested people. We are also planning to teach them new ways to be financially self-sufficient. My wife will teach them traditional fabric dying and how to make soap. I will help the men with some technical skills and farming. By the grace of God, we have about five adults regularly visiting and learning from us. Please join us in prayer for these people as we study the Bible and point them to Jesus Christ, their personal Savior.

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