Quick Healing

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“Okay, let’s pray,” I said as we all held hands around the table. As I closed my eyes, a pair of little hands grabbed my steaming bowl of noodles and pulled them down onto a little leg. Screams filled the restaurant as I frantically tried to remove Ephram’s pants and get the nearly boiling water off his skin.

Blisters immediately started to form as the restaurant workers brought cool water and toothpaste to put on his leg.

After waiting a few minutes and seeing that more treatment was necessary, we headed for the hospital. Treatment was quick, and soon we were all back home, with Ephram sporting a thigh-to-foot bandage. Thankfully, healing came quickly. Within a week, his burned leg was dried up and almost completely done peeling. Now the burn is a pale, scarred area that is almost unnoticeable.

We praise God for His continued protection of our family. We are thankful for all the prayers so many of you pray for us daily. We are glad for the chance we have to work and live and witness among the Northern Khmer. We pray that soon many will realize that their heavenly Father offers them the protection and healing that they need.

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