Questions and the Answer

Land of smiles, land of tears
People of dreams and people of fears,
Their faces show a smile so gracious,
But underneath in the hidden places
There are questions.

Why this hopeless feeling inside?
Who has heard them when they’ve cried?
What will happen when they die?
What if this is all a lie?
So many questions.

Is there something they must do
To guarantee they make it through?
Nothingness is their ultimate goal,
Escape from pain and their suffering soul.
Is there something to make them whole?

These questions lie behind their smiles
And plague them through their triumphs and trials.
We know there’s more than what they show.
We long to hear. We long to know
All of their questions.

We know Someone who can answer them.
We know the One who will not condemn.
Jesus is whom they need to meet,
And we are called to be His hands and feet.
To go and answer their questions.

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