Father in heaven, we want to praise You. You have saved us and called us. You have protected us and guided us all the days of our lives till this point. We praise You for Your work in us. We praise You for calling us to work for You. We praise You for having a plan for the Northern Khmer people and for us as we go to share with them about You.

Thank You, Father, for all You have done to bring us to this point in our lives. Thank You for providing for our needs in so many ways. Your protective hand has been more than evident to us, and we thank You for Your constant watch care over us.

Over the last two years, You have called people to join our team to reach the Northern Khmer. We have witnessed amazing generosity from hearts that have been touched by Your love, and we ourselves are amazed at Your desire to reach the unreached. You are amazing, Lord.

Now we pray that we will be worthy of the calling You have placed on us. We pray that our hearts will be so touched by Your love that when we get to Thailand it will spill out and fill the lives of all the people we meet.

Please bless our support team. Bless them for their sacrificial giving for the Northern Khmer people. Thank You for bringing us all together for the sake of reaching Your lost sheep in Thailand. Help us all, Father, continually to listen for Your call and follow where You lead. We love You, Lord. Please help us to love You more.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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