Pleasing God

Komlang is a talkative young man who started working for us at the agriculture property a few months ago. The other day, we had a conversation. Most of it was him talking and me listening. It went something like this: “Teacher, I’ve planted a lot of things already—cucumbers, corn and pumpkins—and they are all this high (he showed with his hands). They are growing well. I am planting lots of them so that you can use them to feed the staff and students at the school. And I am planting them so that when you come out to look at the field next time, I can pick some and give them to you.”

“Did you buy them with your own money?” I asked. I hadn’t given him money for seeds yet.

“Yes, but I am growing them for you because I want to give them to you and your husband when you come out to see the field again. Oh, and teacher, is it okay if I build a platform?”

“A platform?”

“Yes, I want to build a flat space about as high as I am tall. I can use the wood from the trees on the property. I want to build it so that when you and your husband come out to the property, I can put some chairs on the platform, and you can sit in the chairs and look out over all the fields and see all the work. Then it will be easy for you to see the fields.”

I was a little taken aback by Komlang’s desire to show us respect and honor. Later that night, I was thinking more about it while I lay in bed. Komlang was so eager to please and make me happy. What a refreshing thing to see in an employee! Then the thought hit me: Am I this eager to please God and make Him happy? He is my boss. Do I look for ways each day to show Him respect and honor? It’s something for each one of us to think about.

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