Packing Our Hearts

Needs and wants. These two concepts can get pretty muddled in our convenient American lives. We have all sorts of gadgets that make our lives easier, and pretty soon we think we “need” them to function. I “need” this blender to make the smoothies I like, or, I “need” a microwave in my kitchen. In my short life, I’ve already accumulated so much stuff, and to me, each item seems necessary in its own way.

Though our launching is still about a year away, I’ve started assessing all of our belongings and planning what we will take and what we will sell. Narrowing down our earthly possessions to a few boxes isn’t easy. We still have a hard time thinking about letting go of our convenient amenities and the easy life we’re used to, as well as sentimental things like the furniture I’ve refinished, certain dishes I’m fond of, etc.

I know I’ll miss many of the things I now take for granted, but God is teaching us the lesson that all we should truly want and need is Jesus. He packs nice and small into our heart, and we can take Him wherever we go. Ultimately, our desire is to do God’s will and share His love with the Pnong people of Cambodia. Through this journey, Christ is growing us and showing us that He is all we really need and want.

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