Our New Neighborhood

As our ministry team continues to grow, there is need for us to give space to others so they can enjoy their privacy and have quiet time with their God. Also, we were in need of housing for our student missionaries and lay workers, so my wife and I decided to put our house to that use and look for another to move into. We began to pray and look over the available houses in our neighborhood. We were finally able to get one with four rooms—just what we needed.

This new home is a blessing from God. From our balcony we have a lovely view of the savannah and surrounding hills. Often, our family has evening worship on the balcony as we watch the colors of the setting sun. Our children like the house very much because they have a large, clean courtyard to play in.

This house is just a stone’s throw from our previous house. It is built in a Wahabiya neighborhood where the ladies walk around with their faces covered. Directly facing our house about 100 meters away is a mosque.

Moving was a challenge, but we had lots of help. Every one of our neighborhood kids carried something. This community values relationships and helping one another, and people will come and help you even when you do not ask them to. Little kids, teenagers and adults all pitched in. It was a blessing to know how much our neighbors care. It took us two days to move our things, and seemingly forever to unpack and put everything in place.

One obvious thing about our Wahabiya community is that the people fully devote themselves to whatever they believe in. I believe God brought us closer to them to learn something from them. Now I no longer need an alarm clock to wake me up at 4:30 in the morning. The amplified chanting of the Muslim call to prayer wakes me up each day to read my Bible. Moving here has brought me closer to my Jesus than ever before, and I pray that I will be a light for Him among my neighbors.

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