Recently, we have come to know a young lady named Nhinte. She is married and has two children. Unfortunately, her husband has not worked for a long time. Because of this, life for Nhinte and her family is difficult, and they are suffering very much.

When we went to visit with her, Nhinte cried and said to me, “I don’t want to live far from God anymore.” Her statement surprised us. Usually, we would be helping a person come to that conclusion. But with Nhinte, before I even began to talk with her about God, she was already expressing her tremendous need for Him. We prayed with Nhinte’s family, and before leaving, we invited them to join us for our next prayer meeting, which is held in our house each Friday. Since then, Nhinte and her family have regularly participated with us, and hopefully, they will fully accept Jesus Christ very soon. 

This experience has once again shown me that God always goes ahead of us with the Holy Spirit preparing hearts. Even though I began our visit thinking that I would be giving Nhinte wonderful reasons to seek Jesus, her heart had already led her to that conclusion. She just did not know how to seek Him. I am convinced that God wants to use everyone to reach people who already are being prepared by him—people waiting for someone who will receive them, help meet their needs (Matthew 25:35), and show them the truth found in the Bible.

Nhinte and her family represent very well those people who are looking for solutions to life’s problems, whether here in Guinea-Bissau, the mansions of Florida, or the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. We all can help them to seek the way to true happiness. The mission belongs to God, and we should be instruments used by the Holy Spirit to welcome His children and take them into His presence.

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