Newly-Equipped Christian Soldiers

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AFM summer training has come and gone, and a new cohort of student and short-term missionaries is prepared for service. Despite increasing global uncertainty, 17 brave men and women have dedicated the next year to work for Christ among the unreached.

Four of these courageous souls will head to the mountains of Palawan. Janelle Alder will practice her nursing skills at the mountain clinic. Michael Bussard and Emory Kelley will serve at Brooke’s Point, doing important maintenance work and homeschooling the Miller’s children, respectively.

Two more are headed to Thailand to assist the work of our Central Thai project team. Heather Mariano and Sinegugu Katenga are going to serve with their musical and medical ministry talents so that more local Thai people can see the love of Christ in action.

Ashley Holloway and Amy Reyes, experienced teachers, are heading to Mondulkiri, Cambodia, to teach children at the Pnong school. There they will join Katie LeBlanc, Hannah Nicholaides, Jared Ratcliff and Serena Van Fossen, who have all made the courageous choice to serve a second year!

Timothy Au Sable and Cedric Hunt will engage in friendship evangelism as university students in a creative-access country. Mallory Noble and Abigail Clement will join Sarah Newman, also in a creative-access country, and engage in friendship evangelism while teaching English.

Véronique Charbonneau, a Canadian native, is going to Benin to assist the team with Pathfinders and church planting.

Each young person who chooses to leave home and share God’s love with others worldwide is an integral part of finishing the Great Commission. We thank God for them, and we thank you, their parents, friends and donors who support them with your prayers. 

We invite you to prayerfully consider God’s call on your life. Next year could be the best year of your life, learning to trust the Savior fully while serving as a Christian soldier. Send us an email at and find out how you can be a missionary to the unreached!

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