New Digital Missions to the Great River People

Cambodia’s Great River People (GRP) are the core of our efforts, as they are an unreached people group. Personally, we only know four who have been baptized into Christ—two women and two men, each of whom is the lone believer in their family. Poverty forces some of our followers to regularly travel in search of work, and others have relocated permanently. Maintaining a long-term, face-to-face relationship with our believers is not always possible, but they still want to hear God’s word read and presented in a way they can comprehend. They also desire guidance on how to teach others about Jesus.

Christ said, “The harvest is plentiful;” therefore, we know that many people are looking for Jesus all around the country. However, they may be unable to inquire about Jesus because they are unacquainted with Christians, or they fear being shamed or worse for seeking to do so.

These problems have strengthened our conviction to begin a digital branch of our mission, aside from personally nurturing our local body of believers. And now, living on the same land with our partners, it will be easy to collaborate on this work.

While others have made some digital content for the broader Cambodian community, we are not aware of any digital media produced expressly for sharing the gospel with the GRP. Because the GRP are Muslims, they have a different worldview, context, and vocabulary from other Buddhist or Christian Cambodians when discussing spiritual things. We need to take this into account when sharing the gospel with them.

With our unique position and experience with GRP, at the start of this year, we decided to engage Katiet, one of our local believers, to work with us full-time to do this specific project.

The faith that he has been demonstrating has been inspiring to the other believers. He decided to allow his rice harvest to perish on a dry and sunny day because it was God’s holy day of rest. Over the last year, his Biblical understanding has deepened as he daily shares Christ with his wife and others in his community, and he has gained the confidence to teach and guide our small groups.

Katiet’s insight into the GRP and their culture is what we need for this new phase in our ministry. Our time spent together praying and studying the Word has been of great inspiration and encouragement to him in his efforts to reach out to others in his community. Please join us in earnest prayer that these gospel lessons will spread among the Great River People, and God will increase it into an abundant and beautiful harvest.

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