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A couple from a village about 40 minutes from us has started studying the Bible with our team. The husband is a relative of Kaak’s husband, and Kaak helped put us in contact with them. Their names are Suty and Neary. They have five children and have taken huge steps to put spirit worship behind them and follow Christ.

A few months ago, I was able to spend some time with Neary. She had been sick for quite a while, and her illness was hard to diagnosis. She came with us to a clinic in Phnom Penh that has some Western doctors who help low-income families. The doctors examined her and were able to identify the causes of some of her symptoms. For one thing, they determined that she was pregnant. However, the ultrasound looked abnormal, and they were not sure if the baby was alive.

During Neary’s time in the hospital, I was able to support her and be very close with her. The doctors finally determined that her baby had died, so they performed a D&C. In Cambodia, they do not provide any anesthetic when this process is done. It is painful. Before the procedure, I asked Neary and Suty if they were going to do any of the normal sacrifices that the Pnong do when someone dies. I wasn’t sure where their level of understanding was on this point or how strong their faith was in God. With a big smile, Suty told me that they were Christians now and wouldn’t be doing the sacrifices. What a beautiful exhibition of their newfound faith in God!

Neary has a very small frame and a big smile. She always seems positive and has a sense of humor that comes out at unexpected times. Their family is quite poor, but she likes to share vegetables from their garden with us when we go to worship with them. This year, they are sending two of their children to our school.

If you would like to help children like Neary’s to receive an Adventist education, it costs about $35 per month. This provides them with breakfast each day, too. Please mark your donation Pnong Scholarship Fund.

As Suty and Neary continue to study and learn more about God, please pray for their understanding. We wish each of you a blessed holiday season!

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