My Father’s Lambs

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On a bitterly cold night during lambing season, the weary shepherd rolled out of bed, pulled on his heavy overalls, coat, hat, gloves and boots and went out to check on a ewe that had showed signs of early labor. Before going to bed, the shepherd had placed the heavy-laden ewe in a holding pen layered with soft straw to protect her from the freezing ground.

Now the shepherd hoped to find a newborn lamb, cleaned off and happily nursing. As he approached the pen, he saw the ewe standing, which was a good sign. But where was the lamb? Then he saw the lamb lying rejected in the corner of the stall, still covered in afterbirth.

Quickly he picked up the still form and felt for a pulse. There was a faint heartbeat, but the lamb was nearly frozen. The shepherd vigorously rubbing the lamb with his gloves and then stuffed him inside his coat. Hurrying back to the house, he placed a towel in a cardboard box, filled an empty bottle with hot water and placed the bottle in the box. Then he gently wrapped the lamb around the bottle with its tummy towards the warmth.

The next morning the shepherd’s daughter heard a soft bleating coming from the kitchen. She ran down the stairs in her pajamas. Rounding the corner into the kitchen, she saw her father tenderly stroking the lamb. He looked up at her. “I have a lamb that needs love,” he said. “Can you help?”

Today there are millions of “lambs” who have been rejected and left to die on this cold earth. Please help them find warmth, nourishment and love in the Good Shepherd’s arms.

Your gifts to AFM make an eternal difference in bringing the unreached to Jesus.

During this holiday season, may your gratitude for His gift manifest in giving others a chance to experience Him for themselves. After all, there is plenty of room in our Father’s house for rejected lambs.

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