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Growing up in Kansas among acres of wheat fields gave me a deep appreciation of multiplication. You plant one seed and get a return of about 50 kernels. There are 15,000 to 17,000 kernels in a pound of wheat. Now multiply that by acres of wheat, and you get tons of wheat and billions of kernels.

That type of multiplication is what AFM wants to see. Our missionaries pray for God to lead them to individuals in their target people group who can be multipliers. Once they accept the seed of the Gospel in their hearts, these new converts become harvest producers themselves. But it takes time, cultivation and the right growing conditions for the harvest to be plentiful.

Not only are our missionaries multipliers, but the AFM office is multiplying as well! We now have sister missionary-sending ministries! From South Africa, eight student missionaries and one career missionary couple are serving, and two more couples are fundraising. Our office in Brazil has now been legally organized, and we are praying for a “gazillion Brazilians” to join the missionary ranks. This is exciting!

But even better news is that you can be a multiplier yourself! Sister White shared this story about an American businessman who said, “In my youth I determined to go as a missionary to the heathen. But on the death of my father I had to take up his business in order to provide for the family. Now, instead of going myself, I support a missionary. In such a town of such a province of China, my worker is stationed. And so, even while I sleep, I am, through my representative, still working for Christ” {ChS 170.4}.

You, too, can have missionaries working for you around the clock in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa! Just answer this call:
“Instead of keeping the ministers at work for the churches that already know the truth, let the members of the churches say to these laborers: ‘Go work for souls that are perishing in darkness. We ourselves will carry forward the services of the church. We will keep up the meetings, and, by abiding in Christ, will maintain spiritual life. We will work for souls that are about us, and we will send our prayers and our gifts to sustain the laborers in more needy and destitute fields’” (6T 29-30).

All of us at AFM are homesick for heaven and want Jesus to come as soon as possible. Please help. Support AFM. Support your missionaries that globally are working 24 hours a day for the kingdom.

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