Move Forward—Hindsight is so 2020

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Last year brought new revelations about life that few of us had previously considered. The government enforced lockdowns, huge numbers of people were put out of work, and we all experienced social isolation to some degree. Classwork, business meetings and holidays were forced to go online. Practically all of life seems to have gone online.

You are an Adventist young person, age 19 to 27, studying in college, and you want something different. The debacle of 2020 has left you with a longing that is hard to articulate. Maybe you are a committed Seventh-day Adventist Christian young person who went to a trade school, or you are already in the workforce, and the pandemic has caused you to rethink your life.

You want something more than what you have experienced in the last year. You want to do something dramatic and meaningful. You want a spiritual adventure that will put the dismal events of the previous 12 months firmly behind you. You want to do something that will enable you to demonstrate your love for Jesus and to grow in your faith and commitment to our Savior.

You sense the Holy Spirit calling you to go and serve as a student or short-term missionary, but you are not sure what to do next. You want to know how to get the ball rolling, and you have lots of questions. Lots of questions; lots of prayers.

Like you, we want to take new steps of faith in 2021. We want to help you fulfill your calling to the adventure God has prepared for you in serving the unreached peoples of the earth. You have questions; we have answers. You have prayers; we would like to pray with you.

Move forward in faith, trusting God to lead you into the greatest adventure of your life. Be a missionary. We can help you put last year in the rearview mirror and not have to look back. Hindsight is so 2020.

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